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Slide Jobs In The Pipeline PROJECTS Discover More PROGRESS Work In Welcome to my very Secret Lab. This is a showcase of my experiments, ideas I like to develop and projects I’m currently working on.

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Slide I was born in a distant place , approximately 4,416.0 km (2743.975 mi) from where I live now, moon gazer, I love Franzis (my coffee machine), people I love most in the whole wide world are my family, my girlfriend (the best girl I’ve ever met), thanks to my beautiful parents, I had the possibility to learn several languages and touch few cultures which defined me as a person and become who I am today. Curious by nature, play guitar, piano and some percussions. My love towards music has always been a central passion since I was born. Few fun facts about myself

CrossPlatform web_asset WebSites Modern websites are not just for static content on the contrary, it should be where users access services and connect with one another daily. Even if people have heard about your company, they may want to research online first, before calling or visit you in person. E-Commerce An online store is available all day, every day meaning your customers can visit your store at all times. Your potential clients are more likely to make purchases instantly, rather than waiting for a regular store to open, remember, an online shop enables you to enjoy increased profitability. Cross Platform Apps: / Welcome to the future, cross-platform mobile development has long been a viable alternative to fully native engineering, is an approach that allows a single codebase to be developed for multiple platforms or software environments, increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.

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Analysis When a client contacts me with an app idea, my team starts an in-depth analysis, behaviour patterns, and target audience to define the idea. Research and Analysis is the first step and the most important part of the mobile app development process. Wireframing Creation of an eye catching design with the help of latest tools, is the second step. Based on the client’s requirements, the team will create a Wireframe and a visualised idea that clearly defines the user’s path. Prototyping Prototyping is the third step. The prototype serves as a quick source to view how the app works and to make sure that the programmers are going in the right direction. The client will have to give a green light once the prototyping is done. Development The Development gets started on step four. I follow the best and modern mobile app development technologies available on the market and my development capabilities will provide a unique competitive advantage to your app with fast Delivery and Stability. Testing I do not compromise in quality. I make sure you get a 100% bug free app. I rigorously test the performance based on standard evaluation methods and the responsiveness, scalability, and stability will be tested as well, to guarantee your expectation. Deployment & Support The sixth step is my favourite. We take your app to live. Your app is ready to appear on the App store or Play store. I support & answer every query after deployment.


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